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Hair: Beusy: Baby Hairstyle #5 GACHA
Skin: .::WoW Skins::.  Katherine Tan Catwa @UNDERDOG
Eyes:..ARISE.. Fona Eyes - Plum
Outfit: Ricielli- Adwoa Outfit   @Cosmopolitan
Boots: [BREATHE]-Kendra Heels
Tattoo:  Prodigy ink -7P- Snowdon Tattoo 

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Life is made of small moments 😎✌️

17:28:00 Manuzinha Cioc 0 Comments

Hair:Beusy: Vexing Hairstyle @Salem
Skin:.::WoW Skins::.  Sumaya Tan Catwa @BlackFair
Lipstick:  Izzie's - Red Lipstick
Lingerie:  R.icielli - ALEXIA Lingerie @Kinky

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07:37:00 Manuzinha Cioc 0 Comments

Hair: ::Bold & Beauty:: Hair :: - Kinsley
Skin:. :.::WoW Skins::. Siria TAN Catwa applier
Lingerie: Ricielli - JENNA Lingerie for @Kinky
Heels: Ricielli - HERMIONE @Cosmopolitan

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I feel so good today! ✌️

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Hair:DOUX Jennie Hairstyle
Skin:..::WoW Skins::. Houda tan 
Outfit:American Beauty- Ruffle @TRESCHIC
Choker:   AMITOMOLayered Choker Necklace
Eyebrows: ::WoW Skins::. Curvy Eyebrows 
Sandals: ::ROC:: Slide Sandals 

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Happiness is when your freedom fills you!✌✌

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Hair: DOUX  - Excited Hairstyle *NEW*
Skin:..::WoW Skins::. Soul Golden Catwa @ANYBODY
Eyes: .ARISE. Rana Eyes
Outfit: Ricielli - Nikkie Satin Playsuit  @Cosmopolitan
Heels: ::ROC:: Lace Up Thigh High Boots
Choker:   AMITOMOLayered Choker Necklace

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There’s just one life to live 👌✌️

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Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Gisele Tan Catwa *NEW*
Hair: DOUX - Angela 
Eyes: .ARISE. Rana Eyes / 1
Choker: #Foxy - Celestial Choker
Nails: ::SG:: Fench *GIFT*  MeshNails  @COSMETICFAIR
Top: Ricielli -Bianca Top
Short: Foxes - Camp  @UBER
Cardigan: AMITOMO.cardigan around waist 

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We are still kids, but we're so in love 👑🎵

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Skin: .::WoW Skins::. 2016 Voshie Tan 
Hair: DOUX - Adachi
Eyebrown: .ARISE. Miki Brows / Black
Lipstick: .ARISE. Nature Lips 
Choker:#Foxy  - Celestial Choker
Outfit: AMITOMO /  Ocean Drive GACHA / MAITREYA  - 5 @Kustom9 
Slippers: CURELESS [+] Snow Bunny Slippers

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Come on now, follow my lead ... ♫👌

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Skin:..::WoW Skins::. Gaia  LAQ tan
Hair: [BURLEY]_Amara
Choker: #Foxy  - Suede Wrap Choker 'Black' Gold
Eyes:. ARISE.. Rana Eyes
Top: Ricielli- Bia Top  @Cosmopolitan
Cardigan: Addams - Mesh Hipster Cardigan
Sneakers: ::ROC:: Leather Sneaker!  

Ratck Teichmann

Head & Shape : The shops - TMP deluxe
Jacket : *COCO* - Homme_BomberJacket(Hands in Pockets)_Black
Shoes:[VALE KOER] - Gift

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Freaky, freaky gyal ♫👌💁

19:06:00 Manuzinha Cioc 0 Comments

Skin:..::WoW Skins::.  Diany Tan 
Hair:# taketomiWEST - Aishwarya
Bodysuit: REVOUL - Flutter Frill Bodysuit / Navy 
Heels: Ricielli- TANISHA Over The Knee Heels  @Cosmopolitan
Choker: REVOUL - Milla Pearl Choker / DELUXE

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I’m gonna leave behind the worst of us 😌

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Skin: .::WoW Skins::.Mara MILK Lelutka
Hair: taketomi - Elle
Eyes: .ARISE. Beba Eyes / Sky
Sweater: taketomiSPORT - Performance Turtleneck

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There’s just one life to live 👌✌️

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Skin:  .::WoW Skins::. Aly tan 
Hair: *Besom~ Pleasures *Colors* @The Epiphany
Eye: .ARISE. Beba Eyes / Gold
Eyeshadow: .ARISE. Glitter Eyeshadow / Brown

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All of the downs and the uppers 👏👊

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Eyeshadow: .ARISE. Glitter Eyeshadow / Brown
Eyes: .ARISE. Beba Eyes / Gold
Eyebrow: .ARISE. Miki Brows / Black
Hair: RAMA.SALON - Monica Hair  @Treschic
Skin::WoW Skins::  Pam Caffe' Catwa
Top: *AGATA* Chelsea Tanktop @Treschic
Pants: Ricielli - Larissa Leather Pants (32 Colors HUD)
Choker: #Foxy - Suede Wrap Choker 'Black'

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Everything you want is a dream away 😉👏

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Hair: [BURLEY] - Emily
Eyes: .ARISE. Beba Eyes / Brown MESH
Skin: .:WoW Skins::Ramona Bronze Catwa applier
Necklace: Euphorie - Scarlett Necklace
Blazer:  Ricielli - Gigi Blazer + Undershirt  @TheChapter4
Pants:  Ricielli - Jeans Leggings 
Heels: Revoul - Samaira Sandals.Maitreya Med / Navy

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Everything happens for a reason.

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Manuzinha Cioc
Eyes: .ARISE. Beba Eyes / Ground MESH L4 @TheChapterFour
Playsuit: Ricielli - Lana Playsuit ( Maitreya Lara ) @Cosmopolitan
Hair: !Oleander ~ Izzie.
Necklace: Euphorie - Scarlett Necklace
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. 2016 Rosy Tan Catwa applier
Heels: ::ROC:: Fringe Platform_Maitreya

Ratck Teichmann

Hair: [taketomi] - Masato Black
Shirt: ColdAsh - TMP Size - SHERMAN Sweater (Classic)
Pants: ColdAsh - TMP - ELIAS Skinny Jeans (Blue)

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I don’t blame you much for wanting to be free 👌

17:42:00 Manuzinha Cioc 1 Comments

Hair: [e] Naara - Essentials 
Skin:[Mignonne] Cara -  milk - Catwa
Choker: #Foxy - Celestial Choker (Gold, Pink)
Top: Ricielli - Ella Satin Top - Black @Cosmopolitan
Jacket:Addams // Abby Leather Jacket
Pants: Addams // Silvia Ripped Boyfriend Jeans 
Boots: R.icielli - CHIARA Boots HUD 23 colors

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I make my own choice 👌

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Hair: #taketomiWEST - Ebby @N21
Skin:.::WoW Skins::. 2016 Sania Tan Catwa bento EXCLUSIVE @SKINFAIR2017
Shape:L'TREND SHAPE -  Arianna *NEW*
Choker:#Foxy - Suede Wrap Choker 'Black' Gold
Tattoo:.ARISE. Mella Tattoo for @ShinyShabby
Dress: American Beauty- Kylie Dress Gray-Physique
Sneakers: ::ROC:: Sneaker! Dirty (FEMALE) *NEW*

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I only see my goals, I don’t believe in failure! 💪💪

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Hair: taketomi - NaHee - Nuriel
Skin:. :WoW Skins:: Libby Laq Applier Tan @Applique
Eyes: .ARISE.Rana Eyes / 2 
Piercing:.ARISE. Nose Ring / Black
Choker:#Foxy -  Suede Wrap Choker 'Black'
Tattoo: .ARISE. Joa Tattoo for  @SkinFair
Jacket and Shirt: Ricielli - Kirsten Jacket w/ Blouse  @Cosmopolitan
Short: Ricielli - High Waisted Shorts
Heels: ::ROC::Lace Up Heels!

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Maturity is in the mind, not the age! ✋🏻💪🏻

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SKIN:.:WoW Skins:: 2016 Mandy Golden Catwa applier
HAIR:::Bold & Beauty:: Hair :: - Luna.
BODYSUIT: Revoul - Pianosa Bodysuit / Nude
SKIRT: Revoul - Pianosa Belted Skirt / Nude
HEELS: ::ROC::Felicia Platform

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I'm not perfect, but I'm Enough. ✌️

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Hair:[taketomi x VALE KOER] - Liv  @N21
Skin:.::WoW Skins::. Aisha milk
Eyes: .ARISE.Rana Eyes / 2 
Lips: .ARISE.Cold Lips / 2 @TheChapter4
Eye Scratches: .ARISE.Eye Scratches / Right  @SuicideDollz

Choker:#Foxy -  Suede Wrap Choker 'Black'
Dress: [AB] Electric Dress Black   *NEW*
Tattoo: -7P-Ashley Tattoo 

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I'll wait for you, Mother.

09:43:00 Ratck Teichmann 0 Comments

Trunks:  (MM) Mesh Mirage - Trunks Future (Zamasu Saga)
Bulma : (MM) Mesh Mirage - Bulma (Dragon Ball Super)

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Goku, The legendary warrior ! 👊

09:35:00 Ratck Teichmann 0 Comments

Goku/Body/Trasnf/Outfit: ]Shoma's WORLD[/Inworld Store - Transfo Pack/Goku

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Now I'm free, free falling... 💫👠

08:59:00 Manuzinha Cioc 0 Comments

Hair: taketomi - Kaede - Bento *New*
Skin:.::WoW Skins::. Aisha milk
Choker:#Foxy - Celestial Choker
Eyes:.ARISE. Rana Eyes / 2  @Chapter4
Nose Ring: .ARISE.Nose Ring / Black
Top: Ricielli - Chiara Top /Black
Pants: Ricielli Jeans Leggings / 42 Colors HUD @Chapter4
Bag: Revoul - 'Khoris' Bag (Nude)
Heels ::ROC:: Ankle Strap Heels! 

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All You Need is Love

18:04:00 Ratck Teichmann 0 Comments

Manuzinha Cioc:
Hair: taketomi - Kaede - Bento 
Skin:.::WoW Skins::. GG AUG NATASHA  *2016*
Choker:#Foxy - Celestial Choker
Legging : Addams // Shania Mesh Leggings w/Suspenders
Blouse: Ricielli - Anna Blouse *HUD 20 Colors* @Cosmopolitan
Heels ::ROC:: Ankle Strap Heels! 

Head: The Shops - Deluxe
Cap: *viscon* - Mesh Cap White
Shirt: {COLD-ASH} - Mens MESH SHERMAN Sweater 
Pants: [AB] - Cub Sweat Pants Bordeau

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Follows the flow.🎐

15:28:00 Manuzinha Cioc 0 Comments

Hair:::Bold & Beauty:: x Parker Hair - Violet. @Uber  
Skin: Insol: face Alena (for CATWA heads)  @Uber  
Lips: .ARISE. Wounded Lips @MementoMori
Eye:..ARISE. Boho Eyes / Grey
Choker:#Foxy - Celestial Choker
Nose Ring: .ARISE.Nose Ring / Black
Stick: :BAMSE: Stick XL - Golden *Gacha*

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Battle Of Gods

19:23:00 Ratck Teichmann 3 Comments

Goku : Ratck Teichmann
Lord Beerus : Manuzinha Cioc

Avatar: MM[Mesh Mirage] - Goku SSGOD
Avatar: MM[Mesh Mirage] - Lord Beerus
Avatar:  MM[Mesh Mirage] - Whis

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Coming back slowly 👌😉

11:31:00 Manuzinha Cioc 0 Comments

Skin:[Mignonne] Cintia MILK HUD Catwa @ULTRA
Hair: Exile:: Rush  @Collabor88
Eyebrown: .ARISE. Lona Brows @Suicide Dollz
Top: Ricielli - Mini Shirt   (HUD for 18 colors)

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